15 Jan 2021

As a timber-frame and SIPs company, Kingspan Timber Solutions is constantly looking for ways we can innovate, both by utilising new technologies and by adapting existing techniques. One such technique is modular roof construction, which has numerous benefits for builders and developers.

Traditional roofing technique

The traditional roofing technique can take a long time to complete, and it involves a long period of working at height. It is also dependent on the rest of the superstructure being completed to a point at which it is able to support the building of the roof. Therefore, the roof construction can encounter delays should the rest of the site be delayed.

Any alterations or additions to the roof structure will require further time spent working at height, meaning the provision of fall arrests will have to be made once again. All of this can make build times harder to predict and can ultimately cause you more expense as follow-on trades have to wait for the building to become weathertight before they can commence.

Our modular method

With our modular approach to roof construction, we construct the roof on ground level and then crane it into place. Equipment and materials are therefore much easier to access for your erection team to access. This process can happen alongside the construction of the superstructure, resulting in a much faster build time.

Working at height inherently means that risk levels are higher because there is a greater likelihood of injury. By constructing the roof at ground level, your erection team will have to do much less working at height, saving you time and vastly improving the health and safety on your site. The entire roof structure can be assembled safely on the ground, and then it is craned above the superstructure and guided into place with precision.

This safer method of roof construction allows for a faster build time, saving you money on labour costs. In turn, a rapid and reliable construction time makes for a more accurate build schedule, allowing you to plan ahead effectively and accurately manage the provision of follow-on trades.

Detail checking and quality control of the roof structure are much easier to complete, and any alterations that may be necessary are again easier and safer to carry out.

In short, our modular roof construction method is safer and more convenient for your erection teams, and more cost effective for you.