Kingspan TEK®

Kingspan TEK® 142

Kingspan TEK® 142 achieves a U-value of 0.18, and has the slimmest profile of our SIP build systems, with a wall thickness as low as 345mm (assuming brickwork cladding)

Kingspan TEK® 172

TEK® 172 has a greater panel thickness than TEK® 142, with an improved U-value of 0.14

Kingspan TEK® Plus

Kingspan TEK® Plus takes the benefits of Kingspan TEK® 142 and adds a layer of Kingspan Kooltherm, helping it reach a U-value of 0.13

Kingspan TEK® Passiv

Kingspan TEK® Passiv is our best-performing SIP option, achieving U-values as low as 0.09

Kingspan TEK® Technical Specification

Build SystemTEK® 142TEK® 172TEK® PlusTEK® Passiv

Benefits of Kingspan TEK®

Rapid on-site build time

Less time is spent on-site thanks to large-scale construction elements manufactured offsite.

Accurate build schedule

As SIPs are a dry method of construction, adverse weather has little effect on the speed of work on-site, helping you stay on schedule and plan with confidence.

Reduced costs

Producing panels in a quality-controlled environment can lead to lower on-site labour costs. This is due to the quicker construction time and reduced waste compared with traditional masonry builds.

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