Kingspan TEK®

Kingspan TEK® 18

Kingspan TEK® 18 achieves a U-value of 0.18, and has the slimmest profile of our SIP offerings, with a wall thickness of 345mm (assuming brickwork cladding)

Kingspan TEK® 14

TEK® 14 has a greater panel thickness than TEK® 18, which gives a better performaing U-value of 0.14

Kingspan TEK® Plus 13

Kingspan TEK® Plus 13 takes the benefits of Kingspan TEK® 18 and adds a layer of Kingspan Kooltherm, helping it reach a U-value of 0.13

Kingspan TEK® Passiv

Kingspan TEK® Passiv is our best performing SIP option, achieving U-values as low as 0.09

Kingspan TEK® Technical Specification

Build SystemTEK® 18TEK® 14TEK® Plus 13TEK® Passiv

Benefits of Kingspan TEK®

Rapid build times

As Kingspan TEK® is a SIP, it is part assembled in a factory setting then delivered to site, where it is fully erected within a matter of weeks.

Accurate build schedule

As SIPs are a dry method of construction, adverse weather has no effect on the speed of work onsite, helping you stay on schedule and plan with confidence.

Reduced costs

Lower labour costs from less time spent onsite, and much less site waste, which can be costly to dispose of.

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