Timber Frame Build Systems for Architectural Design

KTS supplies it’s customers with both timber frame and SIP building systems. This means we help you select the best system for your project. We operate an extensive integrated management system covering quality, compliance, the environment and health and safety. We are committed to providing you with building systems that meet and exceed industry standards and building regulations requirements. All our customers benefit from extensive technical support including a large library of CAD details for architects, U-value calculations and condensation risk analyses. We also have an extensive series of fire resistance test reports from accredited laboratories ad well as of thermal bridging calculations for all of the systems we provide. We’re much more than a timber frame and SIPs supplier.

Why I worked with Kingspan Timber Solutions

Kingspan Timber Solutions provided the timber frame system, Kingspan ULTIMA for 3 homes I built in Northamptonshire, they made the whole process simple from to finish. Roger Bettley, Developer

KTS Build System Comparison

System ULTIMA 140/50 (K12/K112)ULTIMA 140/50 (TW55/TW55)ULTIMA 90/50 (K12/K112)ULTIMA 90/50 (TW55/TW55)ULTIMA 90/50 (F/K112)TEK® 142TEK® 172TEK® PlusTEK® Passiv

Benefits of Working with KTS

When you choose to work with us you’ll benefit from a company with over 50 years of experience in the timber manufacturing industry and one that is always looking for innovative ways to support customers, architects and specifiers with new and improved products and services.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality assured with ISO certification.

  • Free engineering appraisal

    Provided up front to determine if we have a suitable build system for your project.

  • Cost control

    We provide the cost of the frames early, assisting accurate cost control.

  • Architects’ Pack

    Providing you with all the information you’ll need to make your life easier.

  • KTS bundle

    Comprising not only the build system drawings most other suppliers offer, but also SAPs, thermal calculations, fire calculations, and fire mitigation reports.

  • Thermal performance strategy

    Complementary SAP assessment and Energy Performance Certificate.

  • Support

    Structural engineering and architectural support service

  • Insulation pack

    Providing insulation for the ground floor slab, roof/loft, plus sound-reducing fibre for internal walls and intermediate floors.

  • Technical support

    The systems we provide benefit from U-value calculations, condensation risk analyses and thermal bridging calculations prepared by our inhouse team.

  • CAD details

    We can supply a set of CAD details that can be dropped onto your model for an instant picture of what you can achieve when you work with us, without you having to redraw everything.

Our build systems

Kingspan ULTIMA

Our timber frame build system offers a range of benefits including design flexibility for modern-day living. Engineered and manufactured offsite to help with a fast and accurate on-site build, and assembled by our team of STA approved erectors.

Benefits for customers

Full quotation

We provide a comprehensive quotation for the erected build system, so your client knows exactly where they stand.

High-performing build systems

Our building systems will help you construct a new home with strong energy efficiency credentials.


If your customers are aiming for high levels of energy efficiency, our SIP build system, Kingspan TEK®, is capable of attaining the Passivhaus Standard.

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