T Barton

This impressive pair of semi-detached homes sit perfectly where the old bungalow used to be. Tim has achieved not one but two energy-efficient homes with a good EPC and ambient temperature that is comfortable to live in with all the luxuries of modern-day living.



The Project

Having worked in the construction industry all his life and as a successful project manager, Tim Barton had always dreamed of building his own home. After the life-changing event of losing a family member, he decided it was time to fulfil his dreams. Tim bought the ½ acre plot 11 years ago, a fantastic location in a Hertfordshire hamlet along the river. The intention was always to develop the plot into two detached homes that initially had a three-bedroom bungalow and a double garage.

After discussions with the local planning authority, it was decided that in order to gain planning permission the two houses would need to be semi-detached. Working with the local authority wasn’t a straightforward process as they claimed the plot would be overdeveloped. However, using the garages and permitted development rights the project was eventually approved. Tim said the advice he received from our planning consultant was invaluable as he understood planning law and made the difference between the scheme being accepted by the local authority.


Designed to complement the neighbouring properties these semi-detached homes have maximised the space and views in this stunning location. The two properties are perfectly symmetrical, designed for modern living with an open-plan kitchen-lounge-diner, an integral utility room, and a walk-in pantry. The design also makes the most of the natural light by adding carefully placed roof lights and windows to allow the light to enter throughout the day.


Tim chose to build with the Kingspan ULTIMA build system due to the energy efficiency benefits, speed of installation, and building regulation requirements. The timber frame was erected using the weathertight package, which Tim recommends, particularly if you have a project manager as they will be able to plan other trades such as electricians to take advantage of getting the property protected from the weather at an early stage.

Published November 2022

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