Sharnbrook Passivhaus

Parrott Construction built 13 passivhaus dwellings in a rural location at Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire.




Parrott Construction


DP Architecture Ltd

Passivhaus Consultant

Low Carbon Box

Build System

Kingspan TEK® Passiv

The Project

In 2017, Parrott Construction approached Kingspan Timber Solutions with plans for a new housing project. The scheme consisted of thirteen two-storey dwellings, of which four were affordable rent, five shared ownership and four for open-market sale. As the dwellings were designed to meet the Passivhaus Standard, they were constructed using our structural insulated panel (SIP) offering, Kingspan TEK® Passiv.

The Design

Parrott Construction's early involvement of Kingspan Timber Solutions facilitated full engagement with the design team. Working in conjunction with the architect and Passivhaus consultant, the construction details were drawn up with everyone’s input ensuring an economic and practical set of solutions was constructed. The external wall included a 38mm service batten, taped air barrier, and 142mm TEK® wall panel clad externally with 110mm Kooltherm cavity board. The system achieved passivhaus performance, with a U value of 0.09 W/m2.K within an overall external wall thickness of only 457mm inclusive of all finishes. The air testing was carried out per block and in each instance a frame handover test of less than 0.6 ach@50pa was achieved.

Published July 2020

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