Rayne Park

A large Passivhaus development in Norwich




RG Carter

Build System

Kingspan TEK®

The Project

Our project for the contractor Carter Homes shows demonstrates the suitability of the largely offsite nature of structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the Passivhaus standard the client required. We helped them build a housing development, Rayne Park, in Norwich.

Of the 153 houses Carter Homes are building with our systems, they commissioned 95 to meet this exacting Passivhaus level. Kingspan’s SIP system, Kingspan TEK®, has not only met this standard before, but is also recognised by the Passivhaus Institute, so it was the perfect choice for this project.

The Design

Kingspan TEK® is an excellent choice to achieve the Passivhaus standard because of the pre-insulated design and airtightness levels it can achieve. TEK® panels comprise a rigid, phenolic urethane core injected wet between two layers of OSB and then cured for exceptional bonding. An added layer of Kingspan Kooltherm further increases its efficiency, allowing attainment of the exemplary Passivhaus performance level. The Kingspan TEK® external walls provided U-values as low as 0.09 W/m²K, meeting the client’s specification for Passivhaus performance.

Carter Homes chose Kingspan Timber Solutions because the overall wall thickness of our Passivhaus system was slimmer than other systems being considered, creating additional internal space. KTS’s design team worked closely with Carter Homes and their architectural team, including the Passivhaus consultant, creating the details, structure and specification to ensure the scheme performed as intended. KTS undertook the airtightness testing to guarantee the results, achieving levels of 0.37, surpassing the target 0.6. Metal open-web floor joists facilitated greater spans and easy routes for services and MVHR. KTS facilitated the U-value calculations and corresponding condensation risk analysis to support the architectural design. The offsite-fabricated panels and factory sub-assembly created a rapid onsite frame erection, allowing internal trades to start early.

All the frame systems provided by Kingspan Timber Solutions are designed for a thermally efficient building fabric, and the benefit of close technical liaison with both the scheme Architects and the wider design team, on all scheme types from developer sites to self-built homes.

Published April 2019

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