Littleport and East Cambridgeshire Academy

A new school campus built using Kingspan TEK®.



Build System

Kingspan TEK®

The Project

The main goal of the development, which was designed by SNC Lavalin's Atkins, was to encourage the availability of the facilities for everyone to enjoy together. The development comprises a pre-school, Littleport and East Cambridgeshire Academy (LECA), Highfield Littleport Academy Special Education Needs (SEN) school, and a leisure centre for public use.

The Design

To ensure that the development was ready in time for the new school year, Kingspan TEK® structural insulated panels (SIPs) were used. The offsite nature of SIPs construction means the panels are part-assembled in a factory and then swiftly erected in a matter of weeks once onsite, so SIPs were the perfect choice for this development. The flexible nature of structural insulated panels facilitated the design of all the elements involved within this project. Kingspan TEK® is also capable of achieving the required thermal performance, due in part to its unique jointing system which minimises air leakage. For this development, it achieved a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating. Kingspan TEK® combines its thermal performance with a slim wall build-up, which has created additional usable interior space within the buildings.

Published October 2017

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