Hayes Middlesex

A high spec development of 14 houses on a tight urban site.


Latis Group


Latis Group

Build System

Timber Frame

contemporary and efficient houses on a sunny day

The Project

Kingspan Timber Solutions were chosen to provide the high-performance, factory-insulated timber-frame kits for this high-specification development of 14 houses on a tight urban site. As a result of the site constraints, the pre-fabricated nature of timber-frame construction offered good time- and space-saving advantages over masonry build, so timber frame was the natural choice for this project.

Row of thermally efficient housing

The Design

Kingspan Timber Solutions worked closely with the architects to achieve the desired high thermal efficiency of the building fabric which had been specified in their designs. Kingspan Timber Solutions also assisted with the incorporation of the Lifetime Homes requirements, helping to achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 requirements that the architects specified. The build onsite went very smoothly due to the level of interaction and coordination between the architects and the Kingspan Timber Solutions design team. The offsite nature of timber-frame construction meant the tight urban site was more easily navigable, as the timber-frame panels arrived pre-insulated and ready to be assembled. It also facilitated rapid build times, allowing for a predictable build schedule and meaning any noise and disruption to the surrounding properties were kept to a minimum. The developer's positive experience on this project has made timber frame their primary construction method.

Energy efficient houses with timber cladding
Thermally efficient timber frame houses
contemporary and efficient houses on a sunny day
Row of thermally efficient housing
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