Downs Copse

A premium development focusing on energy efficiency and low maintenance.



Build System

Kingspan ULTIMA

The Project

When Cormorant first approached Kingspan Timber Solutions it became clear they were looking to use a build system designed with energy-efficiency in mind. The Kingspan ULTIMA closed panel wall system provided the U-values and airtightness levels required with offsite manufacturing for an efficient on-site build.

The Design

Designed to work towards energy efficiency the larger 4-bedroom houses achieved EPC A ratings, and included the use of solar photovoltaic panels. The smaller 3-bedroom homes are identical in construction and reached an EPC B rating with the option for homeowners to improve to an A rating with the addition of solar PV at a later date. As this flexible option demonstrates, there was an emphasis to focus on building with a fabric-first approach. Each of the properties has been finished with locally made, clay bricks durable standing-seam zinc cladding, and rainwater goods.

The Kingspan build system suits us well because it enables us to progress quickly to a watertight shell which is a crucial build phase for us allowing access to further finance and the ability to work inside and outside the build simultaneously to help reduce construction time. The process is also less susceptible to adverse weather delays as the closed panel timber frame wall systems come pre-fitted with insulation, vapour control and air-barrier layer, and factory-fitted timber battens. The panels can be manufactured in big sections which reduced the number of crane movements and meant they went together quickly. It also helped reduce the amount of material we need to handle on-site with less waste to get rid of which is an advantage on what is often a tight site.

Published January 2020

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