22 Sep 2020

There are benefits to all kinds of build systems and construction methods,but here at Kingspan Timber Solutions, we think that timber frame is the best option. We have our own timber-frame product offering, ULTIMA. Even when compared with other timber frames, it's impressive. The thermal performance regularly exceeds Building Regulations, giving you a home that saves on energy bills and is comfortable for you to live in. And that's not the only reason we think timber frames are the best option. Yes, we might be biased, but the benefits of building with timber frames really do speak for themselves…

1. Speed

Building with timber frames is speedy. They’re manufactured and part assembled in a factory, so when they reach the site, the erection is remarkably quick. In fact, a full timber-frame superstructure can be up in a matter of weeks. This means it can be made weathertight sooner, which in turn allows other trades to begin working, like plasterers and electricians.

2. Reliability

Timber frame is a dry method of construction, which means adverse weather like rain or snow will not affect the erection of your home. Where brick building would have to be paused, timber-frame erection can carry on as normal. In fact, with the exception of extremely high winds that would render the operation of cranes too unsafe, timber-frame construction is virtually unstoppable. Given the unpredictable and often wet climate of the UK, this is a major plus. This means that if you’ve got a tight build schedule, or if you’re just (understandably) eager to get your new home finished, timber frame is the right fit for you.

3. Slim

This is more important than you might think. Because timber-frame construction involves insulation being built into the wall panels themselves, in addition to being placed around it, the wall build up of a timber-frame home is very slim. Much slimmer than that of, say, a brick-built house, in which all of the insulation has to be applied after the brick wall is in place. After the inner block leaf is in place, most blocks have relatively poor thermal characteristics. This might not seem like a big difference, but a few centimetres here and there can add up to whole square metres of extra floor space.

4. High quality

Timber frames are manufactured in a quality-controlled factory and measured to the specific dimensions of your individual design. That means that there is high dimensional accuracy, so you won’t get halfway through your build and find out something doesn’t fit, because every single piece is designed exactly.

So what's the verdict?

These are just some of the benefits of building with timber frames. Overall, in addition to the big plus of us having contractual responsibility of your build, timber frames will make your build process fast, reliable, sustainable, and create a high-quality home for you to enjoy.